Dynamics GP 2016 – Power BI Reports and Dashboard Integration Prerequisites

With the release of Dynamics GP 2016, many features have been introduced including Power BI integration with Dynamics GP which is most important features along with the HTML5 and OData Services.

In this post, I am going to share the prerequisites to configure the Power BI with Dynamics GP:


  • Office 365 Account to access Power BI
  • At least one Power BI site with at least a report or dashboard
  • Dynamics GP 2016 desktop client

More steps on configuring Power BI will be posted soon…

GP 2016 R2 – Power BI on Homepage for Web Client

The most powerful new feature in GP 2016 allows Power BI reports to be displayed on the homepage for quick detail summary about business performance.

The new HTML5 Web Client in GP 2016 allows improved access through the cloud as well.

Dynamics GP 2016 R2 had put this together for the first time. Power BI on the homepage was previously only available for desktop version of GP only and now  GP 2016 R2 feature enables this on the Web Client!

Dynamics GPSC+ Release Date

Hello Dynamics GP Community,

As promised, our first ever dynamics GP product, Dynamics GP security configuration+ will be released on Thursday April 27, 2017.

As of now, we are confirming to release this for Dynamics GP 2013, Dynamics GP 2015 and Dynamics GP 2016, supported with all service packs. We will try to also accommodate  the release for Dynamics GP 10 and Dynamics GP 2010 for this utility, however, no promises at this time.

Learn more about Dynamics GPSC+ and Request Demo or Download and Obtain Registration Keys

Latest Dynamics GP build numbers

Dynamics GP 2016

GP 2016 RTM
GP 16.00.0404
Dexterity 16.00.0027.000
Smartlist 16.00.0389

Dynamics GP 2015

GP 2015 RTM R2
GP 14.00.0524 14.00.0725
Dexterity 14.00.0072 14.00.0084
Smartlist 14.00.0524 14.00.0703

Dynamics GP 2013

GP 2013 RTM SP1 SP2 R2 YE 2015
GP 12.00.1295 12.00.1412 12.00.1482 12.00.1745 12.00.2038
Dexterity 12.00.0196 12.00.0232 12.00.0270 12.00.0311 12.00.0323
Smartlist 12.00.1289 12.00.1384 12.00.1485 12.00.1722 12.00.1722